CellarWeb Will Get Your Site Above Ground

Yes, this is not the prettiest page you will find from a place that makes web sites.

That’s because we concentrate on our client’s web sites. Like these places (each link will open a new window/tab):

  • Embers and Flame – the next step in BBQ and more,where you will find a guy that is seeking the “BBQ Grail” of grilling and smoking.
  • BBQ Braggers – where BBQ’ers can brag about their great BBQ.
  • FormSpammerTrap – we know how to block form spammers with this free/open-source solution
  • FoodieFeeds – find the latest entries from popular food blogs.
  • Grail’s List – find what you need for anything about BBQ.
  • Chaos Manor – the blog (although he doesn’t like that term) of Dr. Jerry Pournelle, science fiction author and computer writer.
  • Faces of Suicide – a place to honor those who have left too soon
  • Soldiers of Suicide - honoring fallen Canadian Soldiers
  • Rules for Zombies - because I am easily amused

and there are more sites. Take a look at our What We’ve Done page at to see what we have done for others.

Here’s what CellarWeb.com can do for you.

  • create and update your web site, whether WordPress-bases or with customized programming
  • manage web site hosting
  • provide visitor information and tracking
  • increase search engine visibility
  • ensure proper security of your web site
  • implement ad display and tracking through our CellarWebAds product
  • quickly set up a WordPress© site and customize your theme
  • allow you to easily update your site without technical knowlege
  • convert your books into e-publication for Amazon’s Kindle and others
  • provide your site with a form-spammer-proof comment form (look at our contact page for an example)

So this place is not very fancy. And you’d be right. We spend our time on our client sites. Take a look at the links on our “What We’ve Done” page. Then you will realize why  this place is not very fancy – it’s like the “shoemaker’s kids have no shoes”. And why we’ll spend more time on your web site than ours.

Even though we are in the basement, we can help your web site go above ground.

Let’s get started! Yell into our cellar here.

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