Help You Become an e-Book Author

If you have anything that might be publishable as an e-book, we can help you get it ready for Amazon’s Kindle or other e-book platforms.

The first hard part of building an e-book is writing it. The next hard part is converting it into a format that can be sold on Amazon or other e-book sites. It’s not an easy process, but we’ve done it before and can do it again — for you.

E-Book publishing is getting more popular every day. And anything can be turned into an e-book: fiction, non-fiction, presentations, technical papers, recipe collections, how-to-do-it instructions. And there is a potential for significant income, even at the 99-cent price point. Just look at all of those ‘apps’ that are selling at that price. Your e-book can be part of that, with the potential for significant income.

After you do the ‘first hard part’, send us the file and we’ll do the ‘second hard part’. And we can do a quick turn-around. You’ll get one file back that you can upload to an e-bookstore like Amazon. It will be in the proper format, all ready to go. We’ll even give you a file that can be viewed on devices other than a Kindle – like Nook, iPads, iPods, and smartphones.

Give a yell down into our basement. Our one-time pricing will surprise you.

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