WordPress Plugins

We have seven WordPress plugins are available for your use. All are free, and all provide a unique add-in for your WordPress sites (in our humble opinion).

Our Newest Plugin – FormSpammerTrap for Contact Form 7!

Our new plugin will add our successful FormSpammerTrap techniques to Contact Form 7 forms. All you need to do is add a simple shortcode to your form. And your form will now be protected from spambots without using techniques that don’t work – like hidden fields, silly questions, or irritating Captchas.

Just like all our other plugins, it’s free and fully featured, and available on the WordPress plugin page here. Or you can download it here.

Multisite Comment Display

Since the Multisite Media Display and Multisite Post Readers work so well (and are easy to use), we decided that one for comments would be a good idea. And it is! It works like the other ones: just activate it on your main site and then create a page or post with the shortcode. Add parameters to limit the number of comments shown, or only the last x days. Admins will get an edit link to edit comments.

It’s free and fully featured, and available here, although it’s best to get the latest version via the WordPress plugins page – just Add Plugin, and search for it.

Multisite Media Display

We needed a way to look at all the media on all sub-sites of a multisite installation. And we couldn’t find a plugin to do that. And code samples of how to do that were spread out all over the place.

So, we made a plugin. By using a simple shortcode, you can display all the media on all subsites on one page/post. Pictures are displayed with their captions. A second shortcode is used to create picture links that will open the Media Editing page (only SuperAdmins can do this). That’s the reason we built the plugin: we needed a way to see all media on all subsites to ensure terms of use compliance. And you can add a ‘noshow’ caption to pictures you don’t want to display.

Just like our other plugins, it’s free. It’s available here, although it is best to get the latest version via the WordPress plugins page.

Multisite Post Reader

So after we wrote the Multisite Media Display plugin, we needed a way to display all posts from all multisites. And, again, we didn’t find one that worked like we wanted.

So, we modified the MMD plugin code (since it worked with media attachments, which are stored as ‘posts’) to display posts. So now you just need to use a “mpr_display” shortcode on a page/post to display all posts from all sites in a multisite system. This allows you (as the SuperAdmin) to monitor all posts on your multi-site system. Although meant for multisite systems by creating a page/post on the ‘master’ site, it will also work on standalone sites. You could use it to display all posts for visitors.

If you are the SuperAdmin of the multisite, an ‘edit’ link will be shown on each post; shift-click to open in a new window/tab. A “Read more” link is provided for all posts.
Each post has a clickable title, and also shows the date of the post.

And, once again, like all of our plugins, it’s free. Full featured, no premium extra-cost features. It’s available here,  although it is best to get the latest version via the WordPress plugins page.


We wanted an easy way to change links to Amazon products to include our Amazon Affiliate code. It had to be done automatically, without any special codes or buttons or anything. Just paste the product link into your post, publish, and our Affiliate code would be magically added. And we wanted a way to shorten the links so they weren’t so long. And we couldn’t find one that worked liked we desired.

So, we wrote our own plugin that does just that! All you need is an Amazon Affiliate code (they’re free), and optionally a Bit.ly Generic Access Token (they’re free too). A few settings on the Settings screen, and all Amazon product links are changed to include your Affiliate code. Auto-magically!

It works with pages, posts, and comments. If a comment entered by a visitor includes an Amazon product link, your Affiliate link is added automatically. Even if it already contains another Affiliate code – why should your site lose out on Affiliate revenue from comment links?

And the automatic URL shortener will make those long Amazon product links into an ‘amzn.to’ link – effectively ‘hiding’ your affiliate code.

It’s all automatic. URLs are processed when you (or your commenter) saves the content. It’s great for any site, especially a site with lots of authors.

Check it out! It is on the WordPress Plugin page.


We don’t like comment or contact form spam cluttering up our (and our clients’) WordPress sites. And we have found very few (if any) anti-spam solutions that don’t rely on unreliable solutions like hidden fields, or annoyances like hard-to-read Captchas. Our solution is much more efficient: if you try to automate a comment or contact form with your spammy content, you’ll get sent to our FormSpammerTrap site.

All the details are on that site. The main page is what form spammers see when they try to spam our forms or comments. Then look at the ‘How It Works‘ page for details. And you can even try to attack our contact form with your ‘bot’ process. Go ahead – it won’t work!

You can also get it on the WordPress Plugin page.

URL Smasher

We run lots of WordPress sites, and sometimes very long URLs get in the way of the content. And we’ve seen long URLs on other sites displayed strangely.

So we wanted to find a URL shortener that would work easily for everyone. One that didn’t require you to click a button, or put in a shortcode, or do other things that might be hard for content authors.

And we didn’t find one that worked like we wanted.

So we wrote our own!  The result is URL Smasher. All you need is a Google API key (they’re free). Then any URL in your page or post or comment will automatically be shortened to a ‘goo.gl’ short URL. Fast, easy, and effective.

Check out the plugin. You can download it via the WordPress Plugin page.