What We’ve Done

It’s hard to know how someone can help you if you don’t know how they have helped others. Sure, they can tell you how wonderful they are, but where’s the proof?

Our Sites

Here’s our proof that we can do what we claim – the links will open new windows

  • John D. Brown – a redesign of a best-selling book author’s site; now responsive so it is easy to read on all devices. Another customized WordPress site. Like all other redesigns, we did the redesign on a separate testing site, so we wouldn’t bother current visitors.
  • MissionaryLetters.com – an easy place to have a blog for your missionary — without all of the geeky. All you have to do is send an email, and it gets posted on your own site. Just a one-time low fee, and you are set for your missionary’s blog.
  • Form Spammer Trap – the scourge of automated spamming of your web sites is stopped relentlessly with our free anti-spam-bot solution. And we now have a new WordPress plugin to stop spam on your site’s comment forms. Details about everything is here.
  • Chaos Manor – Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s site, moved to a new host and converted his daily Views and Mail to a customized WordPress site, all without ‘bothering’ the visitors.
  • Chaos Manor Reviews – the continuation of Dr. Pournelle’s (and other contributors) monthly (usually) observations on computers and technology. Recently re-launched with a new look and new content.
  • Faces of Suicide – a custom-written site showing the faces of loved ones that have ‘left too soon’ (see note below).
  • SuicideGrief Forum – a discussion forum based on phpBB for those affected by suicide (see note below).
  • Siblings Survivors – a place to share memories about siblings that have ‘left too soon’. Allows any visitor to submit a guest post or remembrance, with comments from others for support.
  • Remembering Our Pets – a site to remember our close friends after their passing. A customized “masonry” site that displays pictures and pet remembrances. Has an easy-to-use submission form to upload the picture and remembrance.
  • NotHereAnymore – how do you tell people about important things when you are ‘gone’? Here is a free service to send that vital information when you no longer can do it yourself. (Current in beta mode.)
  • Glen Hellewell – a family history site with lots of family pictures, and a bit of history.

Our WordPress Plugins

We now have six:

  • FormSpammerTrap for Comments – effectively blocks spam content on comments and contact forms.
  • URL Smasher – automatically shorten URLs in posts/pages/comments. Get all the details here.
  • AmazoLinkenator – adds your Amazon Affiliate code to all Amazon links in all posts and comment, without any extra effort. Get all the details here.
  • Multisite Media Gallery – shows all media from all sites on a WordPress multisite installation. Allows you to edit pictures via the Media Edit page, if you are the “SuperAdmin”.
  • Multisite Post Reader – shows all posts from all sites on a WordPress multisite installation.
  • Multisite Comment Display – shows comments from all sites on a WordPress multisite installation.

And there are other sites – some are still in development, so we can’t show you right now.

But we can help create your web site, or get it out of the basement. And we can do it fast. The same day if you need it that fast.

Let’s get started! Yell into our cellar here.

Note: the various Suicide support sites were ‘pro bono’ to support a group that has been very helpful to our family in dealing with this personal matter.  Their sites had hosting problems, and we rebuilt these support sites from scratch with customized programs as our contribution to their mission. Take a look at the Outreach links on those sites for their other support sites that we created.